Natural products

Basil, carrots, potatoes, salads, pass from the garden to the kitchen: vegetable products are naturally cultivated one step from the hotel restaurant. Every morning, Mother Maria, Federico and Dimitri care the vegetable garden with passion. By working on the land as you once get great quality, the results are found in genuine restaurant dishes, a perfect union between taste and well-being.

All natural

Salads, tomatoes, aubergines, and many other vegetables are grown by hand with natural methods just like once in the country! The quality feels ... and you see on the table! The best formula is in simple things.

Directly from our vegetable garden

Each morning Grandmother Maria, Federico and Dimitri take care of the vegetable garden with passion, pick up the products by hand, and follow the whole production season of the season.


... to the kitchen

The vegetables are brought to the kitchen where Chef Laura prepares dishes with passion and experience every day, follows generously-produced recipes from each generation to enhance the taste of each ingredient and taste our true taste.

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