Two steps from paradise... Hotel Ristorante Monterosa is located in Ameno, in a splendid panoramic position with an unparalleled view of the massif of Monte Rosa, Mottarone and, on the clearest days, from the balcony on the top floor, you can see a flap of the beautiful lake d 'Orta.
Fresh and Peace ... If you really want to discovery lake Orta, you need start from the hill, where the air is fresh, the view is unforgetable and where you can stay out of traffic.
Grown in the garden... Basil, carrots, genuine potatoes, naturally grown salads, to be tasted in our restaurant. Every morning Grandma Maria and Frederico, together with Dimitri, groom the garden naturally, tearing the grass with her hands and stinging on the many varieties of plants. Your well-being also goes from our table
Look far away... The property is surrounded by greenery, not far from the historical center of the village and has comfortable private parking, comfortable terrace, relaxation and pure air. As soon as you look up the horizon you can see unique beauties; Mount Mesma, Madonna del Sasso, Lake Orta, Monterosa Massif ...
Traditional cousine .. The cuisine is typically regional and seasonal to taste the specialties offered through the assorted portions of the card or you can make a series of tastings in order to enjoy the local delicacies. Our chef Laura knows how to prepare dishes as genuine and as simple as the ones once.
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