The client lords are kindly asked to report any intolerance or allergies, good appetite!


Sausage chopsticks and local mixed cheeses with oil delicious delicacies

Crude of Val Vigezzo with goat cheese and pollen of Ameno

Beat beef at the Monterosa
(Seasoned with capers, anchovies, mustard and pickled gherkins and pickled onions)

Grilled vegetables with spit tomatoes

Homemade marinated marinated salmon trout and croutons

Raw ham with melon and sweet pears

Cream of melon with pepper croutons


First dishes

Gnocchi all’Ossolana to the Mottarone Fondue

Risotto with pepperoni and pike-perch (min.2persone)

Eggplant ravioli and fresh tomato mozzarella

Ravioli stuffed with potatoes, tomato and bacon with butter and thyme

Orta Lake Fish Carbonara and pumpkin flowers

Tagliatelle with river shrimps with zucchini and turnips

Bio vegetables cream with toast


Second courses

Rolled rabbit with renette apples and Ossolana bacon

Brothed with Robespierre beef

Beef fillet with three pepi

Braised Manzo al Nebbiolo with trifoliated porcini mushrooms

Citrus calf scallops

Persian cusian fillet

Pork chop with capers, lemon and ginger



All dishes are accompanied by day outlines

Regional mixed cheeses

Seasonal fruit

Dessert of the day

Covered Euro 1.50

To consult the Allergy Card please contact the staff, thank you